Unified Communications & Collaborations 

3CX Partner Luxembourg

Based in Luxembourg, LAGUNARE’s expertise in Unified Communications & Collaboration can be classified into six broad communications product areas. We offer our expert services in the areas of Voice and Telephony, UC Clients, Conferencing, Presence and Instant Messaging, Messaging and Applications. Our UCC expertise enables seamless communication between your customers, employees and stakeholders, irrespective of the communication medium one uses.

Our Unified Communications  & Collaboration aims at providing unparalleled value to businesses, which makes smooth transition to feature-rich communication through a variety of media. It also facilitates enhanced collaboration by combining diverse modes of communication into an enriched user experience.

Our offering includes the following service areas:

  • Voice and Telephony
  • 3CX Partner and Advanced Certified
  • UC Clients : Hardware SIP Phones, WebRTC Desktop App 
  • Applications Integration : MS Office 365 with Teams ,Customer Relation Management (CRM) , Call Centers
  • Conferencing and Web Conferencing
  • Presence and Instant Messaging (Live Chat)

Voice and Telephony

LAGUNARE helps companies to engineer their product in UC, particularly in the area of Voice and Telephony. This includes fixed, mobile and soft telephony, PBXs and IP PBXs.


3CX with us for your IT Team

Through workshops, we carry out a transfer of competences to make it autonomous on the daily operations and remain at its disposal for the integration of your solution.


UC Clients (SIP / WebRTC)

Unified Communication Clients provide access to multiple communication channels Voice/Video, Meeting, Messages and Live Chat from a single interface.


Web Conferencing

Conferencing is the main building block of Unified Communications. It is broadly categorized through Audio, Video or Web conferencing solutions.(WebRTC Meeting)


Security & Real time Media 

Security in the IT domain is a major issue and the UC due to the multitude of real time communication flows is complex in the management of firewalls.



LAGUNARE develops Contact Center software by collaborating with leading messaging applications and social media. (Call Flow scripting and CRM)


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