Something is reborn in the womb of the Lagoon ...

Just sail in silence the ancient waterways that lead to "Casoni" of Caorle to pick silence and sense of mystery that surround the barrels full of wine, a nectar that draws the strength and vigour of Campodipietra land and finally abandoned at rest in a hidden lair, a new world of liquid beauty. The rebirth of a wine that combines tradition and innovation, two souls which penetrate and evolve over time, and forge with power the essence of LAGUNARE Rosso.

A deep ruby slides in the glass and imprisons the precious, senses venture immediately in a mix of land and sea, on a background where picked the grapes perfumes. Hot cherry and spicy peppery of Merlot, pepper leaves and the summer vegetable note enclosed in Cabernet Sauvignon, added a new minerality, which can be discovered little by little even by the nose. Images and memories of marine life, a trace of brackish emerges pleasantly, unusual scents that let suggest the 6 months passed in the womb of the Lagoon. A deep breath creeps into the nostrils, balsamic sensations that begin with tobacco and end with licorice.

Here in the mouth the wine reveals its nature! Intense freshness, a sign of youth, arises unexpectedly.  Tongue comes wrapped and teased by an intense flavour, its indelible mark of its single refining under a cover of small algae lagoon waters. The palate is filled, alcohol and structure emerge predominantly, while still green and spicy tannins leave space for a pleasant bitter note on the finish. A wine that goes in the mouth as a white and which emerges as a red, with a persistent mineral, spicy and fruity mark at the same time. The final leaves a memory of sensations, a mix of bewilderment and curiosity born of tasting this wine unique.

Uniqueness and flavour combine well to new gastronomic experiences, which we discover, nevertheless, complicit in tradition and rituals. The pungent footprint of "Sarde in Saor (1)," the tasty side of "Broetto de Sepe (2)," the consistency of meat fat of "Bisato in speo (3)," born within the lagoon limits and share immediately the embrace of this wine, a unique interpretation of the same attachment to the own place of origin. Palatability and freshness accompany the palate and perpetuate the powerful flavours of the dishes of fish, but the important structure of LAGUNARE Rosso does not betray traditional weddings with a wide variety of meats.

But, in fact, the true association is that personal: This set of sensations so original and varied, which call to mind the smells, tastes, culture of a land to be discovered. A journey into the world of Lagunare Rosso, a journey inside ourselves.

(1)  Sarde in Saor: Raw marinated sardines in vinegar and onions
(2)  Broetto de sepe: Traditional soup of cuttlefish of the Lagoon
(3)  Bisato in speo: Lagoon eel grilled in fire very slowly (3/4 hours)