Name of the wine: LAGUNARE Rosso IGT 2009

Alcohol: 13, 5%.

Grapes: 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Production and exposure area: Campodipietra vineyards south-east of Treviso, in the basin of the Piave. The average age of the vines is about 28 years, variable depending on the grapes used.

Type of soil: It is a land that comes from weathering of sedimentary rocks rich in potassium and balanced in proportions of clay (30-35%) and silt (max. 20-25) and sand (45-50%).

Farming system: Guyot and Sylvoz court.

Harvest: handpicked in crates, each grape is chosen carefully. At different times depending on the variety, usually late September and early October.

Wine-making: Maceration for 16-20 days in wooden vats with daily power cuts. During pressing, the wine remains in wooden vat for malolactic fermentation period.
 Maturation and ageing: in oak barrels for about a year in the cellar, then about 6-7 months in Bordeaux oak barrels of 225 l under water in the Lagoon of Venice (Caorle). Refining in bottle a few months prior to marketing, without filtering or fining.

 Organoleptic characteristics: dark red with a lighter orange border. Perfumes are powerful with notes of red fruit (raspberry, blackberry), plus unique features such as the brackish, saline perception and particular freshness. Dry, structured, full-bodied and fruity, it acquires an exceptional mouth feel. By its aromatic complexity, it is easy to be associated with a variety of dishes especially meats, roasts, fish with sauce, grilled fish, cheese.
Serve at 16-18 °C in large glasses.  
Putting at rest at least 1 hour so that LAGUNARE Rosso opens.  Perfumes are still evolving for long hours.